Blend 101 - Black Bessie Approaching or Expired Best Before

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Packing a punch with hand ground course pepper, garlic, onion and savoury profile, it's sure to be a hit at your next cook up and being that it does not have the usual 'heat' component, even the kids will enjoy!

Keep in mind, this product is BLACK and carries an activated charcoal component. It will initially blacken the product, but will also sear very nicely.

All rubs are made in small batches and contain no artificial colours, preservatives or fillers . Some clumping will occur if kept over time. Simply squeezing the packet and rolling will remove the clumps.

Will marry perfectly with:


    • Beef Brisket


    • Tomahawks


    • Beef Ribs


    • Steaks

24/10/20, 22/1/21, 12/2/21