Bulldozer BBQ - Midnight Magic

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This spice is, in our opinion and those of most of those we've had try it, the absolutely best seasoning on the planet for red meat. It works great on both "fast" cooks on the flame and backyard barbecue and "slow", where meats cook or smoke for long periods to make tougher cuts super tender.

People have asked "so what is the prominent flavour" And to be honest, there's no good answer to this. It contains over 18 ingredients, but it's so well balanced that you get different flavours at various times, even while complimenting your steak. Never overwhelms.

It contains dark roast espresso coffee; touches of ancho and pasilla chillis (both very mild); mineral salts from the Pink Lake of Dimboola, Victoria as harvested under the Barengi Gadjin Land Council. There is garlic, a slight hint of Demerara sugar and we use activated charcoal which explains it's black appearance. This food safe product will allow you to sear rare or medium rare while still getting that tasty, gorgeous char on the outside of even the leanest cuts.