Bulldozer BBQ - The Hogfather

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If you’ve tried all the US style pork rubs, you know the flavours of “Southern BBQ”.    But you still don’t know how good it can get.    At least until the Hogfather came along.

You’ll find the tradition here in our 50 years of making pork rubs, starting in our native small-town southern USA.   But you’re also going to find the inspiration we discovered in fresh Australian ingredients AND the cultural traditions that exist only in Australia which we’ve now been working with for 10 years.      The combination is stunning.

This rub isn’t just smoky.   It’s not just smoky and sweet together.   We’ve added the mineral flavours of the Pink Lake salt bed.   The subtle, fragrant lift of less used aromatics normally found in Asian cuisine.   A hit of umami in peppers to balance things out.

Use it with confidence in any competition – the colour and refined texture are perfect.   Shows through in the finished flavour and in the visual surface contrast even with a glaze on top.

Or just enjoy it because it tastes so darn good.

No Gluten,  No MSG or other additives.   Australian made,  Australian sourced wherever possible.